ZITRO – Ball bearings, seals and plain bearings supplies and spare parts

ZITRO is a specialized company supplying bearings, bearing units, balls, and transmission components for more than 25 years.


Anywhere there is a machine in movement, ZITRO is present resolving problems of all kinds related to power transmissions, seals, pressure, temperature, etc… , finding the right part for maximum production at the best price.

Zitro (Ortiz Aspizua S.L.U. brothers) is a family company established in 1992. We have 25 years experience providing ball bearings, seals, hinges, and power transmission machinery and components. We also count with a technical office and specialized storage services. Every year we grow more and more not only in national markets but in international markets as well. Our branch in Cuba has been open ever since 1997 and we have strong ties with different collaborators, providers and clients in Europe, the Americas, North Africa and Asia.

We belong to the EPTDA, the European Power Transmissions Distributors Association.

We are the supplier of reference, not only because of our experience but also because of our agility in getting the job done. We have our own logistical department and in this way we can fill each and every one of your needs. We will make it on time to places others cannot.

In ZITRO, our modern installations are privileged with a prime logistical location. We are located on the side of a main highway, close to a sea port, and airport. We have an enormous permanent stock of over 100,000 kinds of bearings, seals, hinges, steel balls, bearing units, as well as other power transmission products and machine replacement parts.

We immediately respond to market needs. Our technical office is a dedicated team that is continually receiving training, specialized in locating and responding in a swift and efficient manner to all the needs that may come up. The office always has on hand a highly qualified technical team in preventative maintenance, on predictive and corrective levels.

In Zitro (Ortiz Aspizua S.L.U. brothers) we are experts in the supply of bearings, bearing units, seals, hinges, and power transmission components. Our main objective is complete customer satisfaction. That is why we always provide direct and personal attention. We create and strengthen communication ties with our clients. 

We listen to you’re needs.

We supply uninterrupted customer service thru-out the year. A customer service representative is always ready to help. Your business can always be on the go and you will not have to stop working because there is a lack of bearing supplies or machine replacement parts.

If you Need it, We will Get it

We offer you products of Chrome steel bearings, Stainless steel bearings, Cast iron units, Stainless steel units, White thermoplastic units, Black thermoplastic units, Sheet metal units, Split units, Carbon steel balls, Stainless steel balls and Chrome steel balls.

Also, in ZITRO we are specialists in “COOPER” SPLIT ROLLER BEARING, with completely separated shafts that is the most effective solution for any problem.

Currently we offer our services many different in sectors:

  • Marine
  • Steel
  • Cement
  • Paper
  • Mining
  • Wind Energy
  • Water Treatment
  • Food


ZITRO is a national market pioneer by introducing the use of transmission elements and bearings in the food industry.

We at Zitro are dedicated to continuous improvement. We have implemented a quality control maintenance system and we are certified by the “Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance Limited”, ISO 9001:2008. We undergo frequent internal audits and every nine months an external audit is performed.

Each and every one of the members of our team are part of the big Zitro family. We are always ready to provide you with the best service and solutions that your company needs. All of our departments, technical office, logistics, and management are ready to help.

We are your bearings, seals, hinges, steel balls, bearing units, power transmission elements supply specialists.

If you need it, we will get it.

ZITRO is always on the move.