Zitro is a dream comes true for the whole family. The dream was to build a business that supplies bearings and power transmission elements. It was established in 1992 by Juan Ramón Ortiz and his family. At the start, all members of the family were involved in the business and collaborated in all necessary aspects of the company; from cleaning to management and even working on logistics.

We had nothing to lose. In 1993 we moved to a small pavilion in Erandio. We learnt many things about the industry and worked hard during those intense start-up years. The company continued to grow as time passed.  In February of 2009 we moved to our current facilities, about 300 meters from the small pavilion in which we started and continues to be used as a support warehouse.

Thanks to confidence, mutual support, and team work we have a strong presence in the national and international markets. We export to Central America, South America, North Africa, and many other countries. We are world specialists in bearings and machine replacement parts. We have an extensive inventory with all that a company might need to keep efficient production levels.


Customer satisfaction.

Close collaboration with all our suppliers with the best practices in the market. Benchmark and basis for setting improvement and sustainability goals.

The quality of our products as the best expression of the way we work.

Training, communication and recognition for the job well done. They are the pillars to motivate the personnel towards innovation, participation and involvement with the goals of the company.

Safety as the first sign of respect for personnel and their working environment, preventing any potential risks that could affect people.