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Quality Policy

Quality and continuous improvement in the management of ORTIZ ASPIZUA is the basis for the effective performance of all the processes we develop for the commercialization of bearings, steel balls, grease/oil-seals, transmission chains, etc… “Wherever there is a moving machine, we will always have the best solution.”

This approach and Integral Quality system are deployed in the Organization, through the following principles:

Customer satisfaction is the reason why we exist as a company, being a priority to know their needs and meet their requirements.

Close collaboration with our Suppliers, with the best practices in the market, constitutes the beginning of the quality of our products and is the competitive benchmark and the basis for setting continuous improvement objectives.

The products we serve to our customers are the best expression of our way of working.

Training, communication and recognition for a job well done are the axes to motivate staff towards innovation, participation and involvement with the company’s objectives.

The prevention of errors and the analysis of the true causes with a global perspective are the supports to guarantee the quality of the processes.

Safety is the first sign of respect for personnel and their work environment, preventing any potential risk that could affect people, equipment, materials and facilities.

Integral Quality is everyone’s responsibility and the leadership of it is the responsibility of the Management; assuming the commitments to comply with the applicable legislation and others that the company subscribes.


Supplier Evaluation Criteria

Supplier evaluation criteria:

Our criteria for maintaining the commercial relationship with suppliers are the fulfilment of the delivery commitments and quality requirements established, being especially important the prior notification of any delay or non-compliance with the agreed delivery commitments. The continuous evaluation is carried out according to the incidents and problems that are detected, when the number of incidents is significant and these have had an impact on our end customer, it will be a reason for analysis and the management will notify the supplier of the decision taken by ZITRO.

For providers accessing our facilities:

If, where appropriate, you have to access our facilities to carry out the requested work, the Health and Safety standards that are approved by ZITRO are to be rigorously complied with, with special attention to the use of mandatory PPE and access and control rules to the workplaces.